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Institutional Court

Our legal team regularly represents clients at the Lethbridge Correctional Centre on Institutional Charges. Institutional Charges can result in serious penalties including loss of remission, solitary confinement and loss of privileges. Talk to us about how we can help you.

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Agency Appearances For Out of Town Counsel

Take the uncertainty out of agency appearances by hiring our staff to make agency appearances for you in Lethbridge Provincial Court or Lethbridge Court of Queen’s Bench. Agency appearances at other locations including Medicine Hat, Fort Macleod, Cardston, Taber and Pincher Creek can be arranged. Arrangements can be made instantly through our secure website.

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Court Appointed Counsel Applications

If you have been denied Legal Aid coverage but are unable to afford to hire a lawyer for financial reasons talk to us about a free court appointed counsel application. While we cannot guarantee any results, our firm has completed more successful Court Appointed Counsel Applications than any other law firm in Southern Alberta.

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We represent clients on a wide range of criminal charges including DUI/Impaired Charges, Violence Offences, Sexual Offences, Drug Offences, Homicide, Property Offences, Internet Crimes, Institutional Charges and Firearms and Weapons Offences. We have Lethbridge’s largest criminal defense legal team and our staff includes William Wister, the former Chief Crown Prosecutor of the City of Lethbridge. Let us help you.

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We regularly represent clients in Traffic Court and at Traffic Court trials. A conviction under the Traffic Safety Act can result in a fine up to $2000, the loss of driving privileges or a six month jail sentence. Let us help you resolve your outstanding traffic tickets in a fair and prompt manner. Hiring a lawyer to appear for you means that you likely will not have to attend court in order to resolve your matter.

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Our lawyers have experience representing clients on Conviction and Sentence appeals at the Alberta Court of Appeal and the Lethbridge and Medicine Hat Court of Queen’s Bench. We also have experience assisting clients with applications for bail pending appeal. Let us help you find justice.

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I needed to hire a criminal lawyer in southern Alberta. The first lawyer I retained had a number of years experience, however I felt he did not put forth the effort required to help me with my matters so I chose to hire someone else.

The second lawyer I hired was Mr. Wade Hlady. Throughout the court process, trial included, Mr. Hlady was an excellent lawyer. He always gave me complete explanations of everything regarding my case and the law. Mr. Hlady stayed in contact with me and always gave me the opportunity to make decisions. The advice he gave me was always In my best interest. Mr. Hlady proved to be a diligent, adept and confident trial lawyer. I was acquitted of all criminal charges. I would recommend Mr. Wade Hlady to anyone requiring legal advice or services in Lethbridge or southern Alberta.

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